I want our experience to be fun and exciting so I only ask that you respect me and follow the etiquette guidelines when we meet.

1. Please Leave The Donation In An Obvious Place. When you arrive, please kindly set the donation on the kitchen counter or the bedroom nightstand where I can see it. Thank you!

2. The Donation Is NEVER Negotiable. If you try to negotiate my rate or ask for a discount or “special” of any type, I will unfortunately have to decline the meeting. I do not offer anything less than a one hour reservation because I do not like feeling rushed. A true GFE does NOT rush her gents off! If you are a professional who is busy and cannot stay the full hour, I will not be offended if you leave early. However, the donation applies based on the time you booked.

3. Please Arrive Freshly Showered Or You Are Absolutely Welcome To Use My Shower. I am extremely meticulous about cleanliness. Excellent hygiene is a must!

4. Please Be On Time For Your Appointment. I do understand that traffic can be an issue or you may be running late from a business meeting or that it’s just one of those days but, my schedule is extremely busy and I value being on time for you. Please do the same for me.

5. Please Do Not Overstay Your Appointment Time. Although I am not a clock watcher, I do not give up my time to just anyone. I am generous with it but, please be mindful of the time when we are together. I don’t want it to be in an uncomfortable situation to tell you that you have to leave.

6. Unfortunately, I Am Not Available For Dates “Off The Clock”. Nor am I available to hang out on my free time. All time spent with me must be compensated appropriately according to my donations.

7. Photographs Are Always Kept Current. I am very much meticulous about keeping my images current in my “Portfolio”. They are kept up-to-date semi-annually. I am disciplined with a very strict workout schedule and diet to stay in shape.

8. I Do Not Honor “Face Pic” Requests. I have a private life outside the business. Just as you want me to respect your privacy, I ask that you respect my privacy, as well. When we meet, I guarantee that you will be impressed by my attractive quality. I have been told on many occasions that I am more beautiful in person.

9. Regarding Provider References. Clients are permitted to use me as a Provider Reference up to 4 months from the time I met with them. Any attempt by the Client to use me as a Provider Reference beyond 4 months, will be ignored. I will not be taken advantage of as a Provider Reference by the Client whenever they feel they want to use me. However, I am willing to be utilized as a Provider Reference once again when the Client shows their loyalty in meeting me again when I tour their city in the future. The “4-month” Provider Reference Rule will then again be reissued.

10. Strict “NO REVIEW” Policy. I have embraced a VERY STRICT “NO REVIEW” POLICY. What happens during the reservation time is a private matter between myself and the client. Please respect my “NO REVIEW” POLICY.

11. Cancellation Policy. While I understand that life happens, I highly value my time and yours. Should you have to cancel the “Reservation” within 25 – 48 hours of the said “Reservation Time”, there will be a 50% fee of the “Reservation Time”. Should you have to cancel the “Reservation” within 24 hours of the said “Reservation Time”, there will be a 100% fee of the “Reservation Time”.

12. Safety Is My Highest Priority. I will not entertain gentlemen who do not respect this. While I do offer the most liberal and sensual GFE experiences available, I do have a certain limit I have set so that I can feel physically safe and mentally comfortable. This is usually a non-issue, as the gentlemen who sees me understands and shares the same ideas, and are aware of the possible repercussions. If I feel you are trying to engage in a specific activity without first taking the proper precautions, I will have to ask you to leave. Additionally, I will decline any future requests to meet.

13. I Want Both Of Us To Have A Wonderful Time! I want this to be a meeting to remember. I want to be able to relax and have a good time without any worries, concerns, or distractions getting in our way. So let’s have fun!

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